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Thursday 08 November





EPDP Code  Event  Room 
  Introduction to Medical Writing Salon A
MSF9 The Basics of Genetics for Medical Writers Salon B
PTA14 Building Medical Writing Teams  Warsaw
MDF2 Going from Pharma to Medical Devices  London
PTF25a What Medical Writers Need to Know About Patient Registries Amsterdam/Athens
LWA4 Beyond Simple Editing Salon D
DDA28 The Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier: Gateway to Introducing New Drugs in the European Union  Salon E
DDF18 Good SOP Practice: Processes and Authoring Sofia
  Opening Session and Welcome Lecture Salon A
  Networking Session Foyer


Friday 09 November




EPDP Code  Event  Room 
  Easy morning yoga Salon B 
  English Breakfast Session 3 Salon A
PTF24 Information Sources for Medical Writers Amsterdam/Athens
PTF21 Health-related Quality of Life London
MSF12 Bacterial Infections: A Guide for Regulatory Writers Salon B
PTA13 The Art of Mentoring Salon E
MCA4 Manuscript Writing: from Good to Excellent Salon D
DDA19 Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modelling: an Overview for Medical Writers Sofia
DDF35 Introduction to Writing about Efficacy Warsaw
MCF17a Using Writing Guidelines Salon A
  Regulatory Medical Writing for Newbies Salon A
MCF6 Publication Planning Salon B 
PTF22 Managing the Clinical Study Protocol Writing Process Salon A
MSF13 Cell Signalling and its Importance for Drug Development  Amsterdam/Athens 
DDA29 Medical Writing for Non-interventional and Database Studies  Sofia
MSA1 Advanced Epidemiology Salon D
MCF8b From Clinical Study Report to Manuscript London 
DDA27 Medical Writing for Biosimilars Salon E
DDF17a Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials Warsaw
  EMWA Executive Committee Meeting Brussels
  Freelance Business Forum Salon A 


Saturday 10 November




EPDP Code  Event  Room 
  English Breakfast Session 4 Salon A
PTF30 Basics of Medical Statistics for Medical Writers Salon A
PTF18a Writing for the Internet Amsterdam/Athens
MSF1 Pharmacology for Medical Writers: The Basics Sofia
MSF7 Fundamentals of Immunology Salon B
DDF11a Subject Narratives for Clinical Study Reports London
MCA8 The Value Story and the Global Value Dossier Salon D
DDA2b Medical Writing Between Dossier Submission and Drug Approval Salon E
LWF15 Using Readability Tools to Help Edit Biomedical Research Articles Warsaw
  EMWA Professional Development Committee Meeting Brussels